a bit about me

      My name is Harshavardhan (Harsha) - I go to Duke, where I study math and computer science. I love learning anything that is useful, but I’m especially interested in understanding how people think, and how to make better decisions under risk, uncertainty, and incomplete information in general. How to build appropriate systems and models to accomplish this is a question I have yet to answer.

      In the future I imagine a platform for everyone, that can democratize exclusive and obscure decision-making tools to better complement our everyday decision-making. I think a large part of the success of the next few decades will be measured by our ability to develop models to improve our lives in an ethical and democratic way. I plan to make a small dent in this future.

      When making observations and judgements about the world, I try to marry interdisciplinary ideas and perspectives in the pursuit of a more holistic appreciation of the truth. But I tend to find myself drawn to heuristics, often relying on its simplicity to make sense of this complexity and uncertainty.

      I like telling and reading stories - I think I’d be a performer in another world without money (most people wouldn’t pay to watch that). I really enjoy music - it’s a great way to build experiential memories. Strategy games are also very fun.

      I’ve worked on and am working on some cool stuff. Take a look here .

      If you’re intrigued, get in touch - I love meeting new people.